J!NX Television Spots

J!NX clothing is a company that understands the web. They used community-building tools to take their company from a 10' x 10' room in an apartment to a vast warehouse in San Diego, California. They began a branding initiative in 2009 called "Get Into It" which is about identifying the passion that drives this generation of techies, videogamers, and everyone immersed in digital culture.

J!NX gear is edgy and aggressive without being obnoxious, and the "Get Into It" campaign associates high profile people who are also immersed in digital culture. We wanted to show the passions of the people in the spots; the way it pervades their daily lives and drives what they do. These people are genuine and real, and the commercials are straightforward and intimate to reflect that authenticity. To date we have produced three 30-second spots that are running nationwide daily on the G4 cable network.

The first spot stars Zadi Diaz of Epic Fu (and Smashface co-founder) as we get a fly-on-the-wall look into the process of creating an episode of Epic Fu.

The second spot stars three professional videogame players named TriForce, Justin Wong, and Prod1gy X, who are part of a company called Empire Arcadia. TriForce is the founder of the company.

The third spot stars The Frag Dolls, a group of professional female gamers sponsored by Ubisoft. They tour the country competing in tournaments, making appearances at conferences, and teaching celebrities how to play games.

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