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About the Show
Hosted by Zadi Diaz, Epic Fu is a weekly pop culture web show that taps into emerging global culture and is a champion of independent artists and independent thinking. We cover news and events, interview awesome people, incorporate correspondent pieces, and do lots of fun, original segments. The stories and people most often covered on the show are using technology and the web to advance their careers, do business, and change the world. Since premiering on June 1, 2006, Epic Fu has established itself as more than a show; it's a brand that taps into the things our audience cares most about by engaging with them in a direct dialogue. The show is widely considered a pioneering example of an entertainment property using social media tools to build a passionate community.

With over 85 million total views from over 180 countries, Epic Fu is one of the true independent success stories of the web. Our viewers are among the most influential people in their respective worlds, and they help point us to the most interesting and innovating things happening on the web and around the world. We play games with them on the show, feature their work and ideas, and share a sense of ownership over the show with our viewers.

Awards and Nominations
In its five years of life, Epic Fu has won two Webby Awards and received four nominations. It has also won two Streamy Awards and received three noms.

Sponsors and Partners
At various times the show has partnered with two of the best-known new media studios, Next New Networks and Revision 3, and has had a long-standing relationship with These partnerships have led to sponsorships from advertisers such as Lions Gate, Sony Pictures, Xbox, Carmex, Netflix, and Puma, among many others.

Selected Shows

Internet to Hollywood: Your Copyright Can Kiss My Ass
Description: "Did you know that you're a thief? This week it's all about copyleft, the Pirate Bay, Girl Talk, and the new remix culture that bubbles with creative goodness. Plus, an amazing new music video from Passion Pit, and Zadi gets a moonwalking lesson!"

Get Ready for the End of the World
Description: "This week we dive headfirst into the craziest, weirdest, scariest conspiracies circulating around the web! 2012, asteroids, magnetic pole reversals, Project Bluebeam, HAARP, reptilian humanoids, and more. Plus, the FU of the Week is served by the remix geniuses at Wreck and Salvage!"

Tim and Eric Give Good Halloween
Description: "This week Tim and Eric from Adult Swim take us on a wistful (not) journey through their show's evolution! We also run down Halloween costumes for the lazy, check out some ridiculously amazing pumpkin carvings, check out some old people fighting, and throw in a few upside-down dogs for good measure."

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