Check out our newest J!NX television spot!

Watch this in glorious, big HD!

About a month ago we delivered our third 30-second television spot for J!NX, the awesome clothing company for geeks and gamers of all flavors. We wrote about the first two spots and how we came to work with J!NX in this blog post from back in August.

This spot stars The Frag Dolls, a group of pro gamers with nearly 1.5 million Twitter followers sponsored by Ubisoft. Ubisoft flew in nearly the entire group of Frag Dolls for our shoot, and they were a pleasure to work with. We had a great back and forth with J!NX to alter the style of this spot to something with more edge and energy. I like all three of the commercials, but this one feels particularly close to the mark for me. And, I might add, this was Zadi's tv commercial directing debut! She did a terrific job.

Our crew was, as always, outstanding. The Bui Brothers, Lan and Vu, handled cinematography and sound shooting on a Canon 5D Mark II with a gorgeous Zacuto shoulder-mounted gunstock shooter. Rick Rey was our associate producer, and Tracie Cotta was joined by Ashley Joy Beck for makeup on all the Frag Dolls. Big thanks to Howie's Game Shack in Buena Park for their help and use of their space as our shoot location, and to Adam Chun-Avila of Ubisoft for keeping us fed and being a consummate pro to work with. Ray Doustdar executive produced for J!NX and was integral in putting the whole thing together.