Epic Fu's nominated in the 2010 Streamy Awards!

A little belated on our blog post for it, but this was a very nice surprise! Epic Fu's Zadi Diaz has been nominated for Best Host at the 2010 Streamy Awards! That's two years in a row for the host category. Last year Epic Fu won the Streamy for Best Hosted Web Series, but we didn't win for Best Host.

Since we put out so few shows in 2009, we didn't actively campaign for a nomination for the Streamys. But there's a lot of momentum, at least in Los Angeles, around the Streamys this year, so it's nice to be a part of it again. For one thing, it's the first time there's a second year of any web video awards ceremony. You have to hand it to the guys who founded the Streamys and the IAWTV, the voting body that selects nominees and winners for the Streamys. It's definitely not easy to sustain a large awards event in this economic environment.

Congratulations to all the nominees, including tons of friends! See you on April 11th!