Epic Fu is Back Jan. 21st! Where the Hell We've Been and Why!

Hello out there in Internetvision land! I'm really happy to be writing this blog post, because I get to let the world know that we're launching a new season of Epic Fu on January 21, 2010!

To celebrate we're going to drink a lot, and you're invited. But before we drink, the great folks at Tubefilter will feature Zadi and me in an onstage discussion as part of their monthly Web Television Meetup to talk about the show and our experiences creating and iterating it over the years. Our deals with Next New Networks and Revision3, our almost-multi-year cable television deal, assembling a team, building a brand, dealing with the ups and downs of new media -- it's all up for grabs.

From the Tubefilter announcement:

For the January edition of the Hollywood Web Television Meetup, we are proud to present a very special evening with popular internet culture show EPIC FU as they launch the new EPIC FU network. Join us as we screen the premiere of one of the web’s most revered and award-winning series, followed by an intimate discussion with its creators, Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf. The evening is sponsored by HP and Intel, who will be onhand to give away a free HP Envy laptop and a free HP DreamScreen for Meetup attendees. This is definitely a night not to be missed!

A Special Evening with EPIC FU
Thursday, January 21, 2010
7:30 pm – Panel / 8:45 pm – Mixer


Busby’s East (Mid Wilshire)
5364 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90036

Where the Hell We've Been and Why

I wish there was an easy answer to the hundreds of people who have twittered, emailed, and posted messages on Facebook and MIX asking when the show would be back. We've been constantly amazed at the loyalty our fans have shown, even after our hiatus stretched for months and months.

The shortest explanation is really the least sexy: we needed to do other things to make money. We made some television commercials, we worked with PBS, we made a new 6-episode show for Next New Networks, and did a couple dozen other production and consulting gigs.

Throughout that entire time we were always planning the next iteration of Epic Fu in our minds. One of the things that we feel makes us different from other shows is that we are not afraid to change the show in response to the way the Internet changes. People interact with show like Epic Fu in a different way now than they did a year ago, and two years ago, and we need to change in accordance.

We've come up with something that we feel will make the whole Epic Fu experience much deeper and more focused than it was before. We're going to put up a separate blog post talking about that, and we're going to make regular behind-the-scenes videos talking about what we're doing leading up to the Jan. 21st rollout. I'm also very pleased that Rick Rey is back with us to help write and produce shows. He's been a valuable creative partner over the years and it makes us breathe easier knowing he has our backs.

But for now, if you're in Los Angeles, RSVP for tickets to the Tubefilter Meetup because there is limited room. Thanks so much to all of you who have stayed behind us, encouraged us, and offered to work with us to make this happen. Special thanks to the folks at HP and Intel for working with us to sponsor the relaunch. They are going to be giving away a $2,000 HP Envy and a HP DreamScreen at the event, which is pretty damn sweet. Hope to see you there!


Tim Shey said:

Can't wait to see the new episodes! Congrats from the whole gang here in NYC. The event sounds, well... epic!


tricia said:

I wish that I could be theRE!!!!!!!!!!


Bill Cammack said:

Good Deal. Welcome Back! :D


Walt Ribeiro said:

4 days before my birthday - what a great present! Congrats!!!


Mike Ambs said:

I can't wait to watch the first new episode of FU! It's been too long :)


Giannii Calvert said:

Woot! *throws up epic fu signs* Oh wait, that may not be appropriate. =P