SXSW Was a Great Success With PBS!

We came, we interviewed, we edited! During the three days of PBS's SXSW online video studio, we shot 31 interviews, featuring an all-star assortment of filmmakers, online video creators, and social media visionaries. They're all handily embedded above in the YouTube playlist player (click the control button to the right of the "play" button to bring up a menu). Our interview with Felicia Day has nearly 70,000 views alone!

Big thanks to all the folks at PBS we worked with to help put everything together -- Jeannine Harvey, Kevin Dando, Jayme Swain, Jasmine Bullin, Laura Hertzfeld, Thomas Crenshaw, and the Docubloggers for their help with equipment! We're very proud to have spent this weekend with them!

And an extra-special thanks to Rick Rey, the producer in charge of post-production for our adventures at SXSW, who spent long days juggling importing, editing, and exporting/uploading duties from three workstations set up in a hotel room!