Epic Fu To Leave the Revision3 Network

We don't post often to the Smashface blog because we're usually busy making content and staying involved with the online video community. But when we do post something, it usually has to do with a major event or announcement. This falls into that category.

Seems like we just posted the announcement about EPIC FU joining forces with Revision3 in a web licensing deal, but about a week ago Revision3 let us know that despite a year of record revenue and viewership, they are feeling the effects of the economic crunch and need to make some urgent and tough decisions. As of the end of 2008, Revision3 will no longer be the web licensing partner for EPIC FU, and we'll be leaving their network of shows. We wish Revision3 luck in the coming months and remain a fan and supporter of their shows.

There's been some well-documented contraction in the tech world lately, and the online video sector is feeling the effects. A harsh fourth quarter downturn in advertising sales combined with the decrease in licensing revenue for EPIC FU means that Smashface has also had to scale back by laying off three members of our production team. If you're looking for talented production personnel, Zadi and I heartily recommend getting in touch with Rick Rey, who produced 30+ episodes of EPIC FU and has been involved in creating the show for over a year. We will also miss Sarah Atwood, who co-produced over a dozen shows with us, and Daniel Merlot, a talented and versatile editor.

As we have since June 1, 2006, we will continue to produce the show each week and our long-term goals remain the same: find the best partners to grow and expand the EPIC FU brand across different mediums. With over 30 million views across the web since we launched, we know we've only scratched the surface of what we can do with this show. Although this economic climate is likely to stay with us for an extended period, the future of online video is too large to be permanently affected by this tough time.


monkey said:

I wish you all the luck in these tough times and will keep watching EpicFu. You are doing a great job.


Mark Schoneveld said:

Sorry to hear that, guys! Bummer. Hope you find some new and exciting outlets and partnerships. Keep us posted!


D Bell said:

This is sad news indeed. How will the show be distributed in the future? This is my favorite "vidcast", and I hope it's future safe.


Steve Woolf said:

@D Bell: EPIC FU will still be delivered in all the same places except for Revision3 (as of the end of the year). :)


Lucas said:

Sorry to hear it, folks. Talent rises, though, and I'm sure you'll be back in high gear soon.


Jeffrey Taylor said:

The Fu was a frequent topic of conversation at Vlog Europe, so take heart in the fact that people dig Epic Fu the world over. We'll keep on believing as long as you do.

Best of luck to everyone who found themselves in tricky situations. As bad as things are, there's a lot of hope in the air.


Wisdom said:

Dude, that really harshes my mellow. Good luck on your next iteration and keep up the great work.


Tim said:

My vote of confidence in Epic Fu, and everyone in our space:

Great seeing you and the Epic Fu team last week, and I have no doubt you will continue to kill it.


Andy Sternberg said:

This is unfortunate news for everyone in the Internet space. Someone should definitely snap up Rick, Sarah, and Daniel while they've got the chance - serious talent there.

Long Live Epic Fu!


Matthew Gowdy said:

I hope everyone finds luck in moving on or up or wherever things take them. I'll continue to support the show and hopefully these dark economic times will pass soon.


Slippy said:

Sad to see this happen, but you two will no doubt get passed this and continue to make kickass shows in the future.


erik beck said:

I love you guys and the awesome show you make. What a big shock! I have no doubt in my mind that this will not slow down the forces of Zadi and Steve, but regardless I'm thinking of you.

Revisions3's loss!


Steve Page said:

Epic-Fu is a great product and while I understand times are tough I still feel that Rev3 will rue the day it made that decision.

There were a number of shows and people that did not deserve the money and attention lavished upon them at Rev3 and they seem to have made a number of poor decisions, possibly too quickly.

I wish the guys that left SmashFace all the best and am sure they will find something new, with their obvious talent.

As for Epic-Fu I do hope it remains on our media players for a long time to come.


Wardere said:

Damn! Everything was growing! The community will still be here for you guys!

Sarah, Rick and Daniel, I hope all goes well for all of you! Still hope!


Andrew Baron said:

I'm not the least bit worried - quality content will always find a way so you've got it way made.


Christian said:

Your show is one of my podcast highlights. What kind of distribution channel you choose is irrelevant for the viewer, so keep up producing great content like you did the last years. I get so much out of your show!


Josh Finn said:

Sorry to hear the news! The FU is one of the best shows on the web and makes me second guess Revision3's decision making. However, this will free Smashface up to other possibilities. Viva La Epic!


Heath said:

I echo what Andrew said, it's still sad, but I am sure something good will come up soon


Clintus said:

Sad to see this but had no doubt that it won't take long for another deal to come your way. Just sucks it had to go this way.


daniel said:

way to go guys, keep the faith. You make a great show, and it is a shame that you needed to release your team.


Eric Susch said:

Sorry to hear about this. I'm a bit surprised they're not keeping you on since your show has such good numbers.

Be of good cheer though, I'm sure it will all work out eventually. Good work always rises to the top and new-media is still just beginning...


Jay Smooth said:

If I may quote the greatest movie ever made, which is now more timely than ever, Blazing Saddles: KEEP THE FAITH, BROTHERS!


edwin duterte said:

good luck to you all.

we set up a website, that is free and community generated to network with each other.


irina slutsky said:

shit i go visit my father in offline deep maryland for four days and just got back

maybe i should have stayed off line....


but FOR REAL FOR REAL -- i am not worried because you're so friggin awsome


10dier said:

As a French branding creative director, I always see your show to get to know the latest "inventions" of people of the blogosphere, and the way you do it is awesome, so I wish you the best for this (not so) bright future...

I was wondering how you could get some revenues in the future for your show, EpicFu? Sponsors? Subscriptions?
To partner?

Anyway, "Bonne Chance !"



Chuck Olsen said:



MediaMisfit said:

This really sucks. There is always an opportunity in these hard times and I think that anyone who has worked with EpicFU and even Epic FU themselves could use there track record to bring in more business or get them a decent a job. Gary Vay has some good thoughts on this.