Zadi on Viral Talking About the Evolution of JETSET into EPIC-FU

Our friend Sunny Gault and her team from Viral caught up with Zadi at the Streaming Media West conference this past week. They sat down and talked about how the show evolved from "Jet Set Show" to EPIC-FU.

You can check out more videos from Viral on their network channel on Veoh, or on their blog site. Thanks, Sunny and team!


Doug Bradley said:

Hey guys, thanks for the inspiration here. Zadi's comment "why the hell are you going to make a show online if you're not passionate about it" was an eye opener. I need to get serious about my video endevours.
I think's it's time for me to ramp up The Southern Video Blog again, it was incredibly popular a while back. I had 47 subscribers at one time (eat your heart out).