LA Weekly Was At Our Live Show

I don't want to turn this blog into solely Smashface media mentions, we've just had a few more than usual lately. This was a really nice cover story in L.A. Weekly about our friends at UTA. Zadi and I are mentioned a couple of times in the piece when Gendy Alimurung came by to be present for the live show (then JETSET) we did back at the end of July.

It's a nice inside look into a typical week in the life of these guys, who are all trying to figure out the online video landscape with the rest of us. Agents typically get a bad rap, but Barrett Garese (the "nerd" in the article, on the right of the picture below) has been our main representative for the past year and he's been a good friend and contributed a lot of creative thinking to Smashface.

A lot of other content creators ask us about our experience with an agency like UTA, and this is a good view of what things are like. The notable exception is the out-of-context quote from Ryan Reber, who is *not* always schmoozing someone.

Congrats on the awesome article, guys!

Update: the images in this post were hotlinked from the LA Weekly website and have since been removed.