Me and Smashface, Smashface and Me

Just to reiterate what Steve said, welcome to the new blog! I'm looking forward to posting here every week, and I'm hoping to throw in an occasion audio or video podcast, too. Actually the Smashface blog comes at an ideal time for me. Just a few days ago I took down my personal blog while I re-think its purpose and explore some new ideas about what a personal portal should look like. Until that happens, I don't have to worry about not having a place to express myself and talk about stuff going on in the industry and beyond.

Rick Rey at Wired's NextFest
at wired's nextfest

So first things first. Who am I and how do I fall into the Smashface equation? It's a question I get asked often. Most people don't know there is a third person working on JETSET every week. Yes, that person is me. Keep in mind Steve and Zadi do most of the heavy lifting, so my role as associate producer is more supportive than anything else. I guess you could say I fill in the gaps. Whether it be researching stories, editing, writing script drafts, playing with new apps to review, shooting feature segments, or the occasional correspondent piece -- I do whatever needs to get done. Basically, I try to make Steve and Zadi's life less hellish by alleviating some of their workload.

Another important part of my job is working with our segment producers, people like Annie Tsai and Eric Rey. Aside from writing and producing segments with them, I act as a filter (lubricant, really) to Steve and Zadi -- so everyone is on the same page and we're all in sync with the JETSET brand. This particular job -- keeping things (and people) in sync -- will become much more important as JETSET grows. Thankfully, I can rely on S&Z's input and advice to guide me through the untested waters we consistently tread.

That's pretty much the gist of it. But just like everything in the new media world, my role at Smashface is constantly evolving. And you know what, I prefer it that way! So stick with us here, subscribe to the blog, and see where we can take this thing. I'm thinking it will be a heck of a ride.

Thanks for reading,

Rick Rey
Associate Producer & Editor